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High Desert Welding Hats & Caps

Texas Welding Hat
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PipeLiner Fancy Welding Cap
Middle Finger Welding Cap

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Custom Made Welding Hats and Beanies

  • where you can choose from over 175 cotton prints and solid colored fabrics.
  • all standard sizes, custom sizes at no extra charge; 
  • 4 standard depth (high crown, low crown and in between);
  • Only the highest quality construction methods are used to cut, sew and finish each welding cap.
  • embroidery and other custom work to meet your style and needs. 
  • Get the welding cap, welding beanie you need at a fair price. 
  • Free shipping on all US Address Orders.
  • Easy returns and exchanges are also done - free return shipping as well.
  • Each welding cap is six panel, reversible with band and flexible brim. 

    The Beanie is a six panel cap with band, reversible and no brim. 

    If there is anything you can't find be sure to let  me know. I am happy to do special orders and other custom work - usually at no extra charge.

    Made in the USA - All materials and supplies purchased from American Owned Companies

    Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to call or message me. Phone number at the bottom right hand corner of every page; Contact Form at the top of every page.

    Have a great day!
    RoxAnne Johnson

    Choose your style: 

    Welding Hat  Beanie Cap

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