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Welding Hat/Cap Size Measurements

Hat Size Measurements
After measuring the circumference of your head in inches use the following to check you hat size. If your measurement falls between hat sizes purchase the closest size. If you would prefer a custom measurement I can do that for you as well. The is a comment box for each welding hat fabric to type in your custom measurement and other notes, if any. 

Head Measurement - Hat size to purchase

22 1/8" - Hat size 7
      22 1/2" - Hat size 7 1/8
            23" - Hat size 7 1/4
      23 3/8" - Hat size 7 3/8
      23 3/4" - Hat size 7 1/2
            24" - Hat size 7 5/8
      24 1/2" - Hat size 7 3/4
             25" - Hat size  7 7/8

Here is a video demonstration of how to measure for depth from a hat you already have, how to measure your head for depth, and how to measure for size. It's easy!

Anatomy of an HDH Welding Hat: I don't normally make white hats with red thread - I did this to show you double stitching and the reasons for it.

1: This stitching for this seam is underneath and cannot be seen. It sews the front crown section to the center crown section. There are 5 seams like this in the crown of the hat.

2: This seam hold the seam allowance (underneath), and the lining (reversible fabric) to the crown section. It also takes some stress off Seam #1 above. There are 4 seams like this in the crown. These seams prevent the lining fabric from separating from the outer shell fabric during the washing/drying process. These seams also prevent shifting of the two layers while the hat is being worn. Very few, if any other welding hat maker does this extra step. 

3: This seam is sewn through the outer fabric and the lining fabric to hold it together. The two sections won't separate in the wash or slide around on each other. Very few welding hat makers do this one simple seam. In all there are now 3 long seams that keep the fabrics from shifting.

4: Three rows of stitching hold the fabric to the denim inside the bill. 

5: My tag is sewn into the seam that closes the bands and sews the brim onto the hat. It's not sewn inside where it could be irritating. It small, unpretentious and out of the way.  The visible part of the tag is approximately 1/2" by 1". 

6: The double row of stitching the closes the hat - double rows are stronger as they each take stress rather than one row taking all the stress and maybe snapping. If a spark burns one thread there is the next thread to keep the hat from falling apart. Even if that happens it can still be washed and worn, it will still last longer than a single row of stitching seen in most other welding hats.

This black arrow shows the band seam on the outside of the  hat. It's not in the back or the front to be uncomfortable. Also, the band seam on the inside is on the opposite side of the hat - no thick layer of seam fabric to push on your head - it's a small but important step that many don't do.


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