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Hi There,

I just want to welcome you and say thanks for visiting me at High Desert Hats. I am absolutely thrilled to have you as a customer and hope you are thrilled to have found me! You might have some questions about shopping here. I completely understand. I have included some "good to know" information below. Of course, for more great reading you can also review my other webpages, products and reviews.

Why Should You Shop Here?
I know there are many choices when you are shopping for welding hats & caps online, here is why I think you should choose High Desert Hats.

  • 6 Panel welder's cap with band - Your skull isn't round like a ball. My six panel hast aren't round like a ball either. 4 panel hats tend to have the very round, like a ball fit and no band. The band may be the most important part of a welding hat. The band stretches less than a folded fabric edge and helps the hat hold its shape and fit. 
  • Choice - A lot of choice is fabric selection. Choice is size, depth and bill length. Custom measurements too. You also have shipping options - need it fast, ship it fast. Shipping quotes are for USPS - if you prefer a different shipping method that can be arranged, but only First Class or Priority Mail for large orders are free.
  • Order Tracking - Through the whole process. I have a Work Calendar posted online where your order will be listed so you know what day I'll be sewing your hats. When your welding hats ship you receive an email notice. You can track that number online at USPS.com or from your account here. 
  • Made to Order -  There's no box of welding hats that I pull from to ship to you. Your order is made one welding hat at time, to your order, by me. Yep, even the hats you see pictured on this website are customer hats. 
  • Quality - Anyone can get less expensive fabrics just around the corner. I choose the best quality I can get - online, local quilt shops and fabric stores. I make calls, ask for samples, actually touch every fabric before I let it into the shop. I've been sewing welding hats for more than 14 years. The pattern and construction methods are tested - thousands of times by customers all over the world. These welding caps should last you years.
  • Customer Service - High Desert Hats is a small home based business, so I can't afford to NOT please every single fabulous customer. I want my welding hats to be your favorite welding hats. You can contact me anytime for any question - seriously. Phone, text message, email, or fill out the Contact Form - you'll get a response within 24 hours - much sooner most of the time.
  • Guaranteed for fit and quality or your $ back - Yup, you need to be happy with your purchase. I'll keep working to get you what you need. If my welding hats aren't for you, and that's totally up to you, I'll refund your original order costs - even the postage. 
  • I am the only custom welding hat seamstress who has actually worked in the industry. I can't weld, but I've prepped a lot of pipe. I understand that an ill fitting hat can be a true pain in the arse.
  • Loyalty Points - Rewards for every welding hat you purchase! Save them, use them for discount pricing on your terms.
So, how does this all work then? You've been left in dark before, no one answers the phone, returns calls, emails or via social media messages. Well, that's not gonna happen here. 
  • You place your order online: I receive the order via email. If you paid via credit card it has been authorized for payment but not charged. 
  • At the end of the day I look over the order, and if I have any questions I will email you. If not I add your order number to the work calendar. Now, if I am on schedule to ship it within 2 business day it may not go on the calendar - so if you don't see it don't worry. 
  • No fabric is cut before it's ready for an order - so, I cut the fabrics to your order size/custom measurements/etc. Sew them to your size/custom measurements/etc. If it's a large order it may take 2 days. I work a single order at a time. 
  • When the whole order is complete it's packaged for shipping.
  • I bill your order.
  • The order is updated online to show it's complete and shipped with a tracking number. You receive an email with that info.
  • In 3-7 days in good weather you receive your order. 
Phone Orders and walk ins are always added to the calendar. 
No orders are billed until shipping. However, if you chose PayPal those funds are transferred at the time of purchase. That's just how PayPal buttons work. 
Have a question? You can call, reply to the Order email, use the Contact Form or even text the number on the website. 

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