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HDH Company Information

Please review the following for information about our company.

Company Address

High Desert Welding Hats is located at the following address:

High Desert Welding Hats
768 Hood Ave
Metolius, Oregon 97741
United States

Company Contact Information

High Desert Welding Hats can be contacted via telephone at 1-541-550-7926, or via email by clicking the link below:

About RoxAnne, the person who makes your welding hats....

In 2000 I was offered the welding hat business by a family member in Fairbanks AK. By 2002 I had a small website - the Internet was fairly new back then. By 2007 High Desert Hats website was at the top provider of six panel, cotton welding hats and I shipped hats all over the United States, Australia, and the UK.

That same year I took the opportunity to try something different, which allowed me to travel with my husband, a pipeline welder. I became a pipeline helper for Local 798, working with my husband. In 2012 we both transferred into Local 32 so we could stay working in the Pacific Northwest.

Later than same year we took in two of our 3 small grand daughters. By 2014 I knew that raising them in a stable home is the most important thing we could do for them. I resigned form Local 32 and after much thought and planning opened my welding hat business back up.

Below is a video my husband took using a pair of sunglasses with the video camera in the center of the frames. Yeah, that's me being his helper. Slow day of the bead/hot pass. Near Corvallis, Oregon.

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